At the heart of Yarana is the desire for everyone who walks through the door to experience and rekindle the delight of friendships, the familiarity of friendships, the ease of friendships and the cheer of friendships 

If you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” – Muhammad Ali

The Thing is...

Yarana is the love child of a techie who spent years in a beautiful boarding school in the Himalayas. Living every waking moment there with a band of buddies sealed a lifelong friendship rich with memories, adventure, and connections that never end. Making friends and nurturing friendships comes naturally to him and as a friend he often knows the song in your heart and understands the flavors that go with it

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends” – Virginia Woolf

“I couldn’t agree more!” – Sanjay Singh

Our Restaurant

Delightful Food and Relaxed vibes by the Kallang Waterway

The food at Yarana is prepared with the freshest ingredients, using delectable flavors of North India in Contemporary Fusion Cuisine. Our meat sources are Halal. We operate a well stocked bar and are not MUIS certified. We offer vegetarian and vegan dining options and are a pet-friendly restaurant.


Our Core Values

We care about the community we build and serve. We are committed to inspiring positive actions and creating positive impact on our staff, customers and partners. We strive to be an environmentally conscious business 

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Experts

The team at Yarana is led by Executive Chef Priya Joseph who is an experienced Culinary Consultant and an MOE Accredited Culinary Instructor.

Priya has deep knowledge of Indian, Italian and South Asian cuisines and a unique understanding of the connection between the art and science of food preparation.

Priya prepares exclusive dishes for Yarana herself and oversees a top notch team of Chefs at the restaurant.

Cumulatively the chefs at Yarana have over a hundred years of experience cooking at well rated restaurants in India and in Singapore.
They hail from different regions in India, bringing their unique expertise together to create the perfect recipe for Yarana’s contemporary cuisine.

Chef Priya Joseph

Executive Chef

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Chef Giri

Sous Chef

Chef Kuldeep Rawat

Chef de Partie

Chef Bal Dev Singh

Chef de Partie

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Chef Raj Kumar

Chef de Partie


Chef Anwar Md

Sous Chef

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Chef Rana

Chef de Partie